Tomar Completes B C U A Capital Improvements Phase 1

Bergen County Utilities Authority, Alaimo Associates and Tomar Construction joined hands together to successfully complete this difficult project. We have replaced entire Aeration Tank installations and Bar Screens keeping the plant working in full capacity. We sincerly extend our thanks to Vulcan Industries (Bar Screens), Environmental Dynamics Inc (Aeration System), Rodney Hunt Company (Cast Iron Gates), Washington Aluminum Company (Fabricated Aluminum Gates), Franklin Miller Inc (Grinder Compactor), JDV Equipment Corporation (Conveyors), Bendlin Associates (Consulting), American Pipe Bending and Fabrication, Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Delite Construction Inc and Marques Mechanical Contractors for their association with us to complete this difficult project.

Middlesex County Correctional Facility gets new HVAC System

Tomar completed this project recently with Petra Engineering Roof Top Units and Honeywell Building Management System.



Tomar executes a variety of projects. While our major focus is to General Mechanical Process Construction and HVAC projects, we have proved our abilities in several other areas of construction including buildings, Solar Electric Power, Security Systems etc.


Pump Stations

We have completed construction of new pump stations and rehabilitation of several pump stations for water and waste water industry. These projects included the complete construction or rehabilitation of the stations while keeping the station fully functional through fully controlled and automated temporary bypass pumps during construction.



Process and Treatment Plants

We have successfully completed several treatment plant construction or reconstruction. These projects included reconstruction of plants and replacement of major machinery such as heavy duty mechanical bar screens, gravity belt filter presses and thickeners, conveyors, clarifiers, compactors, aeration tanks and systems, process air systems, blowers, fans and associated piping and installations, its process controls and instrumentation.





Special Construction

Tomar finished special construction projects such as Prison video visitation systems, SCADA systems etc. for its clients to their complete satisfaction.









Solar Power Projects

Tomar is executing Solar projects in various stages. We took it as a responsibility to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign fossil fuels by diverting some of our resources to Solar Energy Projects.






General Construction

Tomar successfully constructed several sports fields, Office buildings, hotels and structures for various clients.