Tomar maintain very healthy relationship with its vendors, manufacturers and their representatives. Tomar successfully developed working relationship with our suppliers through good will, loyalty, integrity and above all timely payment. We will continue to strive to maintain our relationship with our suppliers and count them as our partners in progress. We have developed excellent relationship with a number of high quality manufacturers for the benefit of our customers. Vulcan Industries, Ashbrook Corporation, Franklin Miller, ITT Flygt, Flowserve etc. are few to mention.







Our President, Thomas George Mottackal, had been guiding us from inception. A veteran Electrical Engineer, Mr. Mottackal has thirty five years of global engineering and management experience in various industries such as aviation, shipping, manufacturing and construction. His focus, ideologies, leadership and willingness to work alongside any member of his staff serves to foster a spirit of unity, and improve morale of the group on the whole. His ability to understand and resolve problems of employees, subcontractors, and vendors is the leading reason for Tomar having - no relationship issues, which run rampant in the industry today.



Our Vice-President, Martin Eisner, has 48 years of construction experience. His in-depth knowledge and unmatched experience in HVAC and general construction add strength to our performance. Mr. Eisner managed and presided over several corporations in the past. All of us at Tomar and our subcontractors benefit from his multi-disciplined knowledge.




The company’s experienced Management and Administrative team provides not only unparalleled field support ensuring the success of ongoing projects, but its cultural diversity brings a highly specialized skill-set from all over the world to accomplish company goals effectively. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering, construction Management, accounting and administrative professionals. Our staff is our strength. Our Management and Technical staff are well trained and experienced. Our technical work force is second to none.
Tasks ranging from planning, scheduling, management, execution and quality control in the areas of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, to financial or accounting activities find themselves within the domain of work undertaken by Tomar’s employees. Our field work force is our strength. With diverse capabilities, they are willing and amazingly skilled to execute any industrial and municipal construction task at an exceptionally high level of quality with minimum supervision.

Several fabrication and manufacturing tasks are undertaken in house with the help of our advanced AUTO CAD workstations and a fully functional fabrication shop with numerous lifts and heavy machinery. Tomar works tirelessly with vendors and subcontractors to ensure the most timely and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

At Tomar, we firmly believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust. We accept personal accountability to meet our business needs, improve our methods and help others improve their effectiveness. We all act like owners, treating the Company's assets as our own and behaving with the Company's long-term success in mind.




Hazardous materials training in progress.

Our Engineers and Technicians continue to be trained with changing Technology.